SkinIron Artist FX Jade stone From Starskin product picture box front
SkinIron Artist FX Jade stone From Starskin product picture front

Artist FX™ Jade stone


Designed for use with the Artist FX™ Auto-Patting Makeup Applicator, this replacement Jade Stone applicator head makes it easier than ever to achieve smooth, flawless-looking skin. Made from high quality, polished Jade stone, it can be used to massage facial creams and serums into the skin, enhancing their absorption for a radiant, younger-looking complexion. The stone’s ergonomic, teardrop shape makes it easy to use, even in hard-to-reach areas around the eyes, lips and nose. Hypoallergenic, washable and disposable, the Jade Stone offers a highly effective and hygienic way to massage your favorite skincare products. Each stone provides up to two months’ use.

Key Benefits

• Good Luck, Harmoney, Purify, Protection
• Reduce inflammation
• Stimulate collagen production
• Stress relief
• Improve circulation
• Enhance product absorption
• Brighten and improve the skin tone

How to Use

• After charging your Artist FX™ Auto Patting Makeup Applicator, firmly attach the Artist FX™ Jade Stone to the device.

• Use the Jade Stone for applying moisturizer or serum to aid absorption or for skin massage.. Switch on the device and gently glide over the face, using gentle sweeping movements. For the eye, nose and lip areas, select the slower speed setting (press the button once more) and use the narrow tip of the stone.


1 Jade Stone