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STARSKIN® was launched in September 2015 by Nicole Arnoldussen and Paul Hendriks. Nicole's passion has been to leverage her 20+ years' experience in beauty retail to create the most innovative beauty products in an increasingly confusing and overwhelming beauty landscape. Years before K-Beauty arrived in the Western world, their quest for the ultimate in beauty led them to South Korea, the modern-day leader in cutting-edge skincare science, and a powerhouse behind the latest natural, organic and botanical ingredients.


The Secret Revealed

Offering the most effective beauty products in a curated assortment that deliver instant and visible results at an unprecedented price-quality level to everyone..

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STARSKIN® is the trendsetter in the skincare beauty market, developing innovative cosmetic products that never compromise on quality and proven results. All our products are formulated 100% clean with high concentrations of natural, premium ingredients based on ancient herbal technology and medical science. Our promise is to bring effective, easy-to-use at home beauty products with immediate and professional results.

Years before ...


The ever-more-popular world of clean beauty is on a rise. Our founder Nicole believed from the launch of the first Starskin products over 7 years ago, that our formulations should only contain ingredients that benefit skin health and deliver powerful and effective results. Formulations that, from the very start, lived up to the safety standards that are now considered ‘clean’.

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At the start of the new and highly sought-after sheet mask category, we introduced the most premium sheet mask material, Bio-Cellulose, to the market in a time that everybody was launching and familiar with cotton and hydrogel sheet masks. Bio-Cellulose is still considered by dermatologists to be the gold standard for treating skin. The close fit of the naturally fermented and cooling gel material delivers unparalleled results. We launched the first Bio-Cellulose Sheet Masks, loaded with top quality serums at a price range that was unknown in the skincare market.

Starskin products are developed by Nicole and originate from her passion, experience and beliefs. Starskin products are not based on trends...

The future of skincare ..., but we already started


Have you ever looked at the ingredient list on the back of your skincare products? Take a look and you will see the majority of them list water (aqua) as the first ingredient. And since labels' ingredient lists appear in descending order, that means there’s a lot of (up to 90%!) plain, purified water in your favorite products.

From the launch of Starskin, Nicole decided to start formulating skincare that was non-water based and to offer effective products that weren’t filled and diluted with tons of water. This approach was based on her belief that the ever-evolving consumer would understand that it just doesn’t make sense to purchase an expensive moisturizer in a jar or bottle that’s mostly plain water and would start looking for products formulated with zero, or very little, water. To be clear, water isn’t necessarily a bad or even useless ingredient. As a solvent, water helps dissolve potent actives and sometimes we need to use a small percentage in our formulas.

However, skincare products without water are more potent, more luxurious and definitely offer more bang for your buck! On top of that, water is fast becoming a very precious resource and to limit the amount used in our products is something we are very mindful of.

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Though silicones are commonly used by cosmetic manufacturers because they offer an instant smoothing effect (think cloud creams, serums, primers), are inexpensive and considered safe to use, Nicole wanted to consciously formulate Starskin products silicone-free.

Because she learned, from her years of working in the cosmetic industry, that silicones could cause a lot of skin problems and did not promote a health skin. The ‘film’ that silicones leave on skin can lead to clogged pores, increased breakouts and throw your skin's natural regulatory processes off-balance, resulting in dull and dehydrated looking skin. Also, silicones can interfere with the absorption of beneficial ingredients within the same formula and can be quite difficult to remove.

The easiest way to identify silicones on product labels is to look for words that end in “-cones.” The most commonly used silicone in cosmetics is dimethicone.

Starskin products are developed by Nicole and originate from her passion, experience and beliefs. Starskin products are not based on trends...


A processing technique that’s been used for thousands of years, most commonly related to food. The methods of producing wine, cheese, kombucha or even kimchi all involve a fermentation process. With so much evidence that fermented foods - and the enzymes they contain - are essential for a healthier body, one can imagine the nutritional benefits fermented ingredients can bring to skincare.

The most common ingredients in skincare that can undergo fermentation are fruits, plants, herbs, and yeast. During fermentation good bacteria help to break down ingredients into smaller molecules so that their nutrients and minerals can be more rapidly absorbed into the skin. The slow alteration process enhances ingredients to become much richer in antioxidants and amino acids which have an incredibly beneficial effect on skin. For example, a glass of wine contains loads more antioxidants than plain grapes thanks to fermentation. Furthermore, because the fermentation process helps to preserve the product’s shelf life with antimicrobial properties, they usually don’t need a lot of preservatives

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