Packshot of the STARSKIN Artist FX Silicone Puff package
Image of a model holding the STARSKIN Artist FX with the Artist FX Rubycell puff to her face to apply makeup.
Image with black background showing a STARSKIN Artist FX standing on the charger. Next to it are two more STARSKIN Artist FX with a Ceramic stone and a Silicone puff. Around it is a Rubycell puff and a Ceramic Stone. A hand entering from above the image grabs a STARSKIN Artist FX with the Silicone puff
An image showing the different puffs and stone available for the STARSKIN Artist FX. On the left is the black Artist FX Rubycell puff, next to it is the nude colored Artist FX Silicone puff and on the right is the white Artist FX Ceramic stone
Image with black background where there are several STARSKIN Artist FX in a row
Image of a hand holding the STARSKIN Artist FX with the Silicone Puff

Artist FX™ Silicone Puff


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