Image of the STARSKIN Artist FX packaging with charger patting device and different pads
Image of a hand picking up the STARSKIN Artist FX
Image of a model wearing a bathrobe, a towel on her hair and green sunglasses. She is wearing a STARSKIN Coconut Bio-Cellulose mask on her face and she is holding the STARSKIN Artist FX with the Artist FX Ceramic Stone against the mask
Image with black background showing a STARSKIN Artist FX standing on the charger. Next to it are two more STARSKIN Artist FX with a Ceramic stone and a Silicone puff. Around it is a Rubycell puff and a Ceramic Stone. A hand entering from above the image grabs a STARSKIN Artist FX with the Silicone puff
Image of a model holding the STARSKIN Artist FX with the Artist FX Rubycell puff to her face to apply makeup.
Image with black background where there are several STARSKIN Artist FX in a row
Atmospheric image of multiple STARSKIN Artist FX standing playfully side by side.

Artist FX™ Complete set


STARSKIN’s Artist FX™ Auto-Patting Makeup Applicator is inspired by the expert patting techniques of celebrity makeup artists, making it easier than ever to achieve flawless, airbrushed-looking skin. Designed like a kabuki brush, this innovative, handheld device simultaneously pulsates and pats at a rate of 4,800 pats per minute, seamlessly applying foundation, powder and facial creams in less than 30 seconds. Lightweight, portable and easy-to-use, this compact device offers a highly effective and hygienic way to apply your favorite makeup and skincare products.

Key Benefits

• Delivers flawless, airbrushed-looking skin in less than 30 seconds.

• Hands-free, more hygienic application ideal for blemish-prone skin.

• Achieve a more even distribution of makeup and skincare products and less wastage.

• Compact, lightweight and easy-to-use, this rechargeable device offers a highly effective way to apply your favorite beauty products.

How to Use

• Select the right applicator head and attach it firmly to the device. The black Rubycell Puff can be used for any liquid foundation, powder, BB or CC cream; the beige Silicone Puff is ideal for compact cream foundation or liquid blusher; and the white Ceramic Stone can be used after applying serum or moisturizer to aid absorption.

• To use, apply makeup or skincare product onto the back of your hand, then pick up a small amount with the selected applicator head and switch the device on.

• Starting at the cheek, glide the patting applicator over your skin using gentle sweeping movements. For precision work around the eye, nose and lip areas, select the lower speed setting by pressing the button once more, and use the narrow tip of the applicator head.

• Cleanse applicator heads once a week with an alcohol-based cleanser or wash in soap and water and leave to air-dry naturally. Cleanse the applicator heads more frequently if you have sensitive or blemish-prone skin.

• For optimal results, replace applicator heads every two to three months.

• Create the perfect canvas by first cleansing your face with THE MASTER CLEANSER FOAM™ and applying RED CARPET READY™ Hydrating Bio-Cellulose Second Skin Face Mask for smooth, plump, and foundation-ready skin.

• For best results after removing the mask, pat in the remaining serum using the Artist FX™ Ceramic Stone patting head!


1 Artist FX™ Auto-Patting Makeup Applicator, 1 Rubycell Puff, 1 Silicone Puff and 1 Ceramic Stone Puff.