The Pink Dreams - Giftset


"STARSKIN Pink Dreams brings six STARSKIN favourites together in one place!
This conplete set has everything you need for hydrated, revitalised skin, including face mask, eye masks and a full foot treatment set
STARSKIN The Pink Collection is a six-piece set that would make the perfect gift for any skincare guru or spa-lover!
Give the gift of the beauty salon feeling at home.
This set contains:
- STARSKIN® Close-up™ face mask
- STARSKIN® Eye catcher™ eye mask
- STARSKIN® Dream Kiss™ lipmask
- STARSKIN® Fab Feet Fast™ Peeling Mist
- STARSKIN® Fab Feet Fast™ After Care Foot Cream
+ FREE STARSKIN® Fab Feet Fast™ File"

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