So why put in on your skin?

July 26, 2020

surprised about silicones in your skincare?

Nicole explains: Silicones

Starskin is silicone free

Though silicones are commonly used by cosmetic manufacturers because they offer an instant smoothing effect (think cloud creams, serums, primers), are inexpensive and considered safe to use, Nicole wanted to consciously formulate Starskin products silicone-free.


Because she learned, from her years of working in the cosmetic industry, that silicones could cause a lot of skin problems and did not promote a health skin. The ‘film’ that silicones leave on skin can lead to clogged pores, increased breakouts and throw your skin's natural regulatory processes off-balance, resulting in dull and dehydrated looking skin. Also, silicones can interfere with the absorption of beneficial ingredients within the same formula and can be quite difficult to remove.

Does the skincare you currently use have silicones?

The easiest way to identify silicones on product labels is to look for words that end in “-cones.” The most commonly used silicone in cosmetics is dimethicone.

Starskin products are developed by Nicole and originate from her passion, experience and beliefs. Starskin products are not based on trends.


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