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Your hands will thank you!

October 13, 2020

throw your hands up in the air!

Has frequented handwashing left you with dry, cracked skin?

Look no further, we got the perfect solution for you! With our tips you can continue to frequently wash your hands without damaging the deliciated skin.

Our HOLLYWOOD HAND® MODEL MASK is formulated with deeply hydrating Shea butter and a blend of 16 botanical ingredients and oils. This mask will soften even the roughest hands and cuticles in just 15 minutes. Want to multi-task and paint your nails during your hand treatment? Cut off the tips of the gloves before putting them on to easily do a manicure!

Want to experience a true VIP feeling? We got you covered! Wrap your hands in the most luxurious hand treatment ever. Our VIP THE GOLD MASK™ HAND doesn’t only look gold, it is a golden treatment for your hands! The formula is based on Bulgarian Rose with Shea Butter and Rose Hip Oil. Revitalize, smooth and nourish your hands to perfection!

Did you know that the hands are one of the first parts of the body to show signs of aging? Stop the time with our PRO MICRO-FILLER™ HAND MASK! This is the most advanced anti-aging hand treatment with visible results. Experience an astonishing difference in fine lines, imperfections and dryness. Your hands will not only feel ultra-soft but will also look youthful with a luminous glow!