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What is a Coconut Bio-Cellulose mask?

August 03, 2021

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What the sheet is a Coconut Bio-Cellulose face mask?

You have seen sheet masks made from cotton and hydrogel but before you put all your masks in one basket and call it a day, you must try a Coconut Bio-Cellulose sheet mask!

Originally developed and used by doctors to heal burns and chronic wounds, we introduced Coconut Bio-Cellulose as one of the first to the beauty world. It is derived from organic, fermented vitamin-rich coconut juice and is still considered by dermatologist to be the gold standard for treating skin.

Nowadays there are many different Coconut Bio-Cellulose masks, ours is different because of the thickness of the material. Because our masks are thicker than other Coconut Bio-Cellulose masks, we can add much more serum. Our Coconut Bio-Cellulose masks are infused with 30ml (a full bottle!) of powerful and concentrated serum which is absorbed by your skin in just 15 minutes!

Here are the reasons why Coconut Bio-Cellulose masks are your new must-have beauty staple.  

  • It fits like a glove, well actually better than that! The material will follow the contour of your face like a second skin. Because of this the ingredients will be fully absorbed in no time!
  • Perfect skin-tight fit for every face shape, will not slip and slide around or drip.
  • Coconut Bio-Cellulose contains high concentrations of antioxidants and humectants that help protect and strengthen the skin barrier.
  • It is super inflammatory because of the natural healing and cooling abilities!
  • It is toxin free, unlike cotton masks which are treated with solvents. Which also means no allergenicity!
  • Coconut Bio-Cellulose is extremely hydrophilic, meaning it LOVES moisture and can hold large amounts of it. But also distribute it back when you apply it to your skin.
  • Because it is a natural material it is therefore environmentally friendly!
  • Free from parabens, mineral oil, sulphates, and alcohol.

    Coconut Bio-Cellulose masks are sheet masks on steroids!