The best therapy is Blue Monday shopping! - STARSKIN

The best therapy is Blue Monday shopping!

January 17, 2022

Blue Monday, model wearing red carpet ready hand mask

Maybe you already felt it when you got up today: it’s Blue Monday!
The day when we have a lot more trouble seeing things from the sunny side.

We’ve selected the best products for you to master this day!

Blue is the color of our Red Carpet Ready, one of the first products we’ve ever launched! This bio-cellulose hydrating face mask intensely hydrates for visibly smoother, rejuvenated skin. Each face mask is soaked in a full bottle of skin-plumping serum for a red-carpet-ready glow! Ready to conquer Blue Monday. For the ultimate multi mask experience, add Red Carpet Ready™ Hand and enjoy 15 minutes of me time!

Want to go all out? The Happy Masking Set is your best choice! This tinbag contains everything you need to survive this Blue Monday. We’ve brought together the best skincare essentials, give yourself 30 minutes and you’re completely revitalized! This tinbag contains Glowstar®, Red Carpet Ready™, VIP The Gold Mask™ Hand, Dreamkiss™, VIP The Gold Mask™ Eye and a free STARSKIN® Luggage Tag!

Spray away all the bad vibes with our ORGLAMIC® Pink Cactus Serum Mist! This multi-tasking glow-giver deeply infuses the skin with a shot of hydration and superfoods to prep the skin while multiplying the moisturizing and illuminating effects of your skincare routine. This mist doubles as an extraordinary makeup-setting and glow-enhancing spray, and mid-day hydration shots for instant radiance!