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Orglamic is the way to go!

November 17, 2020

glamour + organic = orglamic

Our ORGLAMIC® collection combines highly concentrated, organic and high-performance skin superfoods with a luxurious and glamorous experience!

The ORGLAMIC® Pink Cactus range is based on high concentrations of the amazing prickly pear cactus. We use a combination of the organic pear cactus seed oil, pure cactus fruit and the stem extracts. These three ingredients combined guarantee long-lasting hydration, ultra-soothing results and a beautiful, healthy glow!

This range also includes a very special product, our Sea Kelp Mask™. Each mask is made of hand-harvested pure kelp leaves. These kelp leaves are soaked in a hydrating essence that is made of 90.37% organic plant extracts! Sea kelp is a natural detoxing ingredient that removes impurities and has a naturally cooling effect which reduces the appearance of pores.

Have you met our newest member of the ORGLAMIC® family?
We are the first in the world who managed to use freshly pressed celery juice as a skincare ingredient! We created a Celery Juice Healthy Hybrid Cleansing Balm and a Celery Juice Serum-In-Oil Emulsion. These products are rich in vitamin A, C and K and are packed with amino acids and minerals! Our Celery Juice range is a miracle worker in skincare to achieve a healthy, clear complexion!

P.S. All products in the ORGLAMIC® collection are VEGAN, except the Pink Cactus Lip Mask™. This product contains beeswax.