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Next generation makeup tool!

May 04, 2021

discover a next generation makeup tool, artist fx

Compact, lightweight, and easy-to-use!

No need for makeup brushes and beauty blenders anymore, the Artist FX™ quickly and evenly applies makeup for a flawless finish without wasting makeup!

Inspired by the expert patting techniques of celebrity makeup artists to make it easier than ever to achieve airbrushed looking skin. Patting is gentler than rubbing in products because you minimize the chances of pulling or dragging on the skin.

Ceramic Stone
This can be used to massage facial creams and the serums of our sheet masks into the skin, enhancing their absorption for a radiant complexion!

Silicone Puff
The high-quality Silicone Puff applies compact cream foundation and liquid blusher beautifully sheer and even. Pat, pat, pat your way to airbrushed skin!

Rubycell Puff
The Rubycell Puff can be used to apply liquid foundation, powder, BB and CC creams. Providing a smooth finish in less than 30 seconds!