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Give your hands a pamper for once!

July 13, 2021

Give your hands a pamper for once!

Every day, you expose your hands to sun, wind, rain & cold. In the summer we forget about our hands but the damage to skin and nails can build up very quickly and neglected hands can show their age.

Hollywood Hand Model®
Hydrates and nourishes the hands with a powerhouse serum. Infused with softening shea butter and a blend of 16 botanical extracts and oils, the dual layer hand treatment works to repair, rejuvenate, and soften even the roughest of hands whilst conditioning the cuticles for a manicured appearance. And best of all, the gloves are touchscreen proof!

VIP The Gold Mask™ Hand
An instant fix for dry or dehydrated skin. With two layers to create an intense sauna effect while soaking the skin in serum, this luxurious treatment is infused with Bulgarian Rose, Zeolite and Shea Butter to smooth and repair the hands in just 15 minutes.