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Boost your eye routine!

November 30, 2021


Chances are that the first fine lines you see on your face as you get older will be around your eye area. The skin under the eyes is thinner than other skin on your face and can easily look puffy if you’re tired or stressed.

It may seem like eye cream and eye masks are not much different from moisturizers and masks that are used on the rest of your face. However, products for the eye area do have some differences that make them worthwhile. Products for the eye area are specifically formulated to be used in the eye area, making them safer and more beneficial. 

VIP The Gold Eye
Experience a no slip-and-slide eye mask that smooths puffy eyes and fine lines. Formulated with Rose of Jericho, a ground-breaking ingredient known to effectively regenerate dry skin, the eye mask smooths puffy eyes and wrinkles, soothes irritation, and ensures seamless makeup application.

Eye Catcher
Your eyes will look instantly brighter, more radiant and rejuvenated as fine lines, puffiness and dark circles are diminished in just 15 minutes. This Bio-Cellulose Eye Mask is formulated with a blend of naturally fermented, vitamine rich Coconut Juice for exceptional hydration.